updated March 8th, the “Citizen Hotel” has been added


A series of Prank Calls to the Citizen Hotel orchestrated one evening for no reason in particular… i’ve got to give credit to the hotel operator Joe for keeping his composure during these calls which went on for well over 3 hours as he defended his hotel against an unprecendented bombardment of Life Alert calls from several dozen Police Departments across the country. You can download all the calls in a .ZIP by – clicking here – by the way, 38.7mb in total.

              • [DOWNLOAD] Citizen Hotel I     Arnold manages to book a room NEW
              • [DOWNLOAD] Citizen Hotel II    Arnold and friends get their revenge NEW
              • [DOWNLOAD] Citizen Hotel III   Epic Life Alert Bombardment NEW
              • [DOWNLOAD] Citizen Hotel IV   the icing on the cake NEW

The Harassment of Ivy and the Ashland Springs… these guys have been pestered on and off for over a year with Ivys own voice, and although most of these calls have apparently been misplaced, here’s a nice selection of what I was able to find from late 2011 to early 2012, and you can download the Ashland Hotel “Collection” by – clicking here – which may be a better way to download, and that’s 27.4mb.

        • [DOWNLOAD] Reverse Christian Telemarketing
        • [DOWNLOAD] Ashland Hotel I       Prank Calling Ivy at the Hotel NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] Ashland Hotel II      Collect Call from Ivy NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] Ashland Hotel III     Ashland Hotel plays games with Jake Malatesta NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] Ashland Hotel IV     Arnold beats the Ashland Hotel at their own game NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] Ashland Hotel V     Redneck Roofer calls the Ashland Hotel NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] BONUS CALL Redneck Roofer and the Garage Guy cause a mess in Dodge City NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] BONUS CALL Redneck Roofer calls his Local Police NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] Ashland Hotel VI      Ashland Police are connected with the Louisiana Cops NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] Ashland Hotel VII     Ashland “Police” soundboard calls the Ashland Hotel NEW
        • [DOWNLOAD] Ashland Hotel VIII     Ashland Hotel girls are conferenced with the Cops NEW