The Yellers were discovered in May 2010 by the notorious Prank Caller; GoldenPhone during an innocent afternoon of random dialing. It was first thought that Lady Yeller AKA Sharon and The Yeller AKA Bill were husband and wife, but the reality is much more disturbing. Sharon herself was then and still remains the owner and manager of a “Home for the Mentally Disabled” out in Missouri, which was surprising considering her fondness for screaming “Mentally Retarded is what you are!” as a favorite insult. As for Bill himself; he was first thought to be a patient after discovering where Sharon worked, but according to her he was no such thing and resided in a crude trailer on the lawn in front of her house. It was then assumed that Bill was employed by her in some handyman capacity, but later it was revealed that Bill was actually her nephew and although obviously slightly “slow” and illiterate (as Sharon would admit months later), he wasn’t legitimately “Mentally Retarded”.

After the initial barrage of prank calls to Sharon and Bill there was enough audio collected to make extensive soundboards of both of them which were used to ring around to sheriffs departments in the local area, and either cuss the deputies into a rage using Sharon’s voice, or to repeat her story to them and request that they send the sheriff to her door- either option would result in Sharon receiving a visit from the police. After this had happened several times both Sharon and Bill were called again and found themselves independently conferenced to police stations across the country, including their own local sheriffs department, resulting in Sharon engaging in shouting matches with the angry deputies who both thought that they were being pranked by each other. Bill on the other hand seemed to enjoy the conference calls, and spent hours on the phone talking with increasingly frustrated officers and deputies from California to Alaska who believed that Bill must have been a local idiot who didn’t know how to use his phone properly and was inadvertently calling them himself.

One of the particularly amusing calls to Bill (which is sadly no longer anywhere online) was made by Mr88Nismo using the Rick soundboard one afternoon. Bill became so disturbed by Rick’s threats on that occasion that he ran from his trailer house all the way to Sharon’s workplace (taking him about 10 minutes to make the distance), staying on the phone the whole time to shout back at Rick at the top of his lungs whilst in public. What his neighbors who must’ve witnessed that bizarre sight made of it is unknown.

As the calls continued, The Yellers began to rationalize who may have been orchestrating such sustained and relentless aggravation against them, and they came to the conclusion that a local neighbor named Rick Francisco (whose voice was mistaken for Frank Garrett, the Angry Black Guy, Jackass Plumber and several others) and his wife/girlfriend, which in reality was Sharon’s own soundboard talking back to her. The suspicion of Rick Francisco continued for literally months until the winter of 2010, and included an in-real-life encounter with Sharon and Bill and their family when they spotted Rick parading around the countryside in his pink tie dye shirt (his “pink polka dot sweats” as Bill recalled it) and ganged up on him, chasing him up a hill. Needless to say, Rick got the fuck out of there.

CREDITS – GoldenPhone, Mr88Nismo and MistahBlonde


It was during the police conference calls that the wider Prank Calling Community got hold of Sharon’s business address and telephone number due to the sheer volume of calls being made to The Yeller household at the time, and the unwillingness of parties in the Toy Chest to shift through the hours of audio to edit and remove sensitive personal information that had been divulged by Sharon in confidence to the authorities she had spoken with, or at the very least believed she had spoken with –or when the police dispatchers had spoken with her soundboard and virtually handed over her the information.

The calls continued for weeks, but after the hours upon hours of inane calls with Bill he eventually unplugged the phone in his trailer house –perhaps at Sharon’s suggestion- and slipped quietly off the radar. It’s unknown what ultimately became of Bill, although he was rediscovered months later during one of the late night calling sessions when Sharon and her colleagues had abandoned their phones, leaving them off the hook, and Bill was captured as he gibbered about his exciting adventure which involved going to the bank with a hundred dollars worth of single dollar bills.

CREDITS – GoldenPhone and MistahBlonde

Despite now receiving constant calls now from the wider Prank Call Community, Sharon remained blissfully ignorant that Rick Francisco across the street was innocent, and still believed up until the final days that every phone call she received was from Rick himself- going so far as to believe Rick was secretly in love with her, although refused his offer to go on a date. It was only when she was finally tipped off by a fax from an “old boy in New York” that she finally became aware of the reality, and the calls eventually began to dry up as Sharon got wise and stopped talking altogether… although there were some rare exceptions when she was caught off guard long after the calls had “officially” ended…

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