Mass Conference Calls: Frank Coons vs the World

An afternoon of calling the home of a random nobody named Frank Coons, riling him up with the Rude Lawyer Soundboard and then connecting him to other citizens and police stations across the country. He get’s very upset during the course of the calls as he tries to work out what is going on and plays the hero as he tries to get help for an old lady who’d been brought into the call between outbursts of tard-rage as he yells at the Rude Lawyer.


Mass Conference Calls: The James Garrett Party Line

After some experiments conference-calling a bunch of people named James Garrett to each other we eventually found two Garrett’s who were stupid enough to stay on the line and play the game while an automated voice informed them that they were on the “James Garrett Party Line“. Neither of them ever questioned the dubious fact that such a Party Line Service would exist for the sole purpose of calling men named James Garret and connecting them to each other.

“Hello and welcome to the James Garrett Party Line! Please hold, and you will be connected with another James Garrett as soon as possible.”


Mass Conference Calls: When Frankie met Jackie

We call a bunch of Redneck kids down in Tennessee who all know each other, all know that a guy named Frank Garrett has been calling them and their friends, and they try and figure out what’s been going on while they threaten another kid who they think has been prank calling them as well. As the call progresses we conference in more local people and make use of the Frank and Chris soundboards- and they also eventually recognise Chris from youtube; believing him to be “in with Frank” and that they’re responsible for the prank calls together.

The call and the following ones ended up spawning a couple of soundboards of Jack and his Little Brother AKA Little Bread, who were both awesome as the pranks ran their course, and there’s a handful of other calls to them included in the post (see below).




Jack and his Little Brother call us back the next day

Jack and his Little Brother soundboard call Jack

Chris the Hacker conference with Jack (Courtesy of GoldenPhone)

A call back to Jack 

Perverted Alien calls Megan and Jacks Little Brother

Happy New Year Jack

Mass Conference Calls: Belmont Police, Charles from AtoZ runs into Chris

During an evening of relentless prank calling of Chris the Hacker we connected him to various police departments and had fun using edited lines from “DatBoys on FIRE” to tell the cops that there was a fire at DatBoys. Chris had largely remained unresponsive until this point, when he decided he’d better speak to prevent another hosing from the firemen. He eventually gives up talking halfway through and decides it’s more prudent to push buttons on his phone to sabotage the conversation between the local police and his own soundboard, so it gets kinda loud, fair warning.


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