The following calls deal specifically in targetting the businesses and people around Chris’s DatBoys shop on Belmont Street and take place after “DatBoys is On Fire” and just before the Saga of HackerFest ’10 in an attempt to introduce the reclusive Chris Perron to the local community and make him some new friends.

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Chris Pranks a local Liquor Store until they agree to visit him

Aside from Metro Properties, the only other place that recognised Chris and DatBoys was the Magnolia Wine Company -right across the street- so it seemed sensible to call and pester them with conference calls, Cop soundboards and Drug and Alcohol Lady for a while before bringing the Chris soundboard into the mix to introduce himself and invite the Liquor Store Guy to come and visit him, which he agreed to do.


Liqour Store soundboard calls Chris back

After making a soundboard from the Liquor Store Guy in the last call we called Chris back with it the next day, and he confirmed that indeed the Liquor Store Guy had paid him a visit. Lol.


Confused Lady calls a Little Kid


Jake prank calls his Mom and her business feat. SPRINGFIELD and the Hacker

After the discovery of Jake Malatesta in the above call, a soundboard was quickly made of him and used to further harass the Metro Properties business next door to DatBoys with the goal being to drive another local businessman into a confrontation with Chris.



Jake Soundboard Pranks his Moms business

Springfield Pervert and Chris piss off Jakes Mom

A Prank Victim visits Chris the Hacker

Needless to say, the plan worked. ‘John’ from Metro Properties dragged his ass over to Chris the afternoon that the previous calls were made to investigate why the Data Boy guy was bothering his place of work. Coincidentally Chris was being prank called at the time and kept ‘picking-up-and-hanging-up’, until finally giving up and leaving the phone off the hook, unaware that we were able to hear his conversation with John. Although much of it wasn’t recorded, it’s known that Chris kept John in his shop for nearly half an hour as he babbled on nonsensically about his experience with the prank callers, barely letting John get a word in before he begins to just walk out without a word.


Mass Conference Calls: Belmont Police, Charles from AtoZ runs into Chris

During an evening of relentless prank calling of Chris the Hacker we connected him to various police departments and had fun using edited lines from “DatBoys on FIRE” to tell the cops that there was a fire at DatBoys. Chris had largely remained unresponsive until this point, when he decided he’d better speak to prevent another hosing from the firemen. He eventually gives up talking halfway through and decides it’s more prudent to push buttons on his phone to sabotage the conversation between the local police and his own soundboard, so it gets kinda loud, fair warning.


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  1. keef

    more of these style of calls please, (pranking people on chris’s street and getting them to visit him)

    June 27, 2011 at 11:21 pm

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