The most up to date collection of the latest prank calls to Chris in 2011, ranging from the IP Relay/Locksmith Adventures and the most recent FaceBook Saga; with thanks to the Toy Chest, and all involved. Are you looking for the HUGE Chris Soundboard? There’s a new one on the way from GoldenPhone soon, but until then, here’s the version used up until August ’11. Why not access the googlemap feed below and tour Chris’s neighbourhood while you wait for your download to complete?

Also see… Chris the Hacker: Belmont Street and Chris the Hacker: 2010/The TTS Saga AND Chris the Hacker: The Facebook Saga NEW

Chris Perrons Conspiracy Theory of Prank Calls (courtesy of WorldClassPrankster) NEW

After making claims of Prank Callers running credit card fraud scams and murders (which ties in with the Richard Hudson incident, where it’s assumed he was the person who scared Richard into buying a gun), Chris is called back the following day and quizzed a little further on the subject. He vaugely agrees to dig up the audio he recorded that proves everything, and promises to post it in a video form on his Stageman account on youtubepromptly in two hours.


Chris Becomes Enraged (courtesy of WorldClassPrankster) NEW

Chris is called back at the arranged time, and immediately makes excuses as to why he hasn’t posted any proof to backup his allegations as he promised he would, and instigates an arguement… presumably to draw attention away from that fact.


Chris’s thoughts on the Richard Hudson Incident NEW

After the brief arrest and release of Richard Hudson (documented on the Drunk Al page), LCC calls Chris to chit chat and see what the he has to say about it. Chris is under the impression that Richard is a drug head who only has himself to blame for getting arrested, as he should’ve been able to explain his innocence to the police when they came knocking on his door.

Chris then makes the following comments;

“You can’t force people (the police and people who’ve been called) to be smart, you can’t force people to be proactive, so… screw ’em! That… I-I’ve quit worrying… I’ve tried to round up all the victims, and they were born victims!”

“I mean, you guys got- I mean, the Prank Call Community, they got plenty of fodder out there, plenty of it, you know. So I feel sorry for these people but they don’t want to smarten up I- I told him (Richard Hudson) he need to educate himse- you know all that information you gave? God love ya brother. God love ya. You’re a good man, really I mean that. But guess what? I’ll bet ya he didnt go check it out. *leans back in chair* It’s too bad.  So he’s gonna put himself in jail, *sigh* i’m gonna feel bad about that, but what can I do I can’t do shit about that. Neither can you.”

(audio courtesy of Life Changing Calls)


Toy Chest calls Chris

The Toy Chest calls Chris again for a friendly chat to find out about his niece Annie, and to question him about the Hacker Sighting at a Yankees ball game a few months ago (pics courtesy of Dustin), as usual Chris is evasive, unhelpful and threatens violence!!


Chris the Hacker Sting THE SETUP 

Following the TTS Calls to Chris last year (they’re uploaded in total in the OTHER Chris the Hacker archive -click here-) which had Chris desperately believing he was being prank called and driven out of business by Brian Kugler of the Unilever Corporation, led him to attempt a lawsuit against the former CEO of the company Ralph Kugler, and then revealed the joke and drove him insane, I wondered if Chris would fall for the same story again. And he did.

This call wouldve turned into something epic if we couldve found somebody in Belmont to go and videotape Chris when he showed up, which he did, but alas… we ain’t got the fuckin clout.


Tennessee Police go after Chris 

We call up Chris the Hacker and his local Police at the same time, and lol as Chris tries to take control of the situation in a professional manner while his soundboard interjects into the conversation. When the local cops hang up we connect him to Tennessee and repeat the premise until Chris manages to explain to them what is going on, and promises to call them back himself. Before he can do this though, we call them back with his own soundboard and thoroughly ruin his chances at making an alliance with the state of Tennessee.

I’d originally made this into a video on youtube, basically because it can be confusing working out when Chris speaks and when his soundboard speaks and the video makes it clear, but unfortunantly it got flagged down by Chris on ground of ‘Hate Speech’ within 48 hours.. but you can download the video yourself if you want. I’d hate to see such high quality production value wasted.



Chris Discovers DatBoys dot Org

A quick call to Chris to let him know that has competition and ask him why he flagged down my Tennessee Video, he responds with his usual shit. 


IP Relay Dispatches a Locksmith to DatBoys

Using IP Relay (a free calling service for the deaf) a call is made to Chris the Hacker at his DatBoys shop from a potential customer who is interested in taking advantage of Chris’s data recovery services. However, Chris is suspicious and proceeds to argue back and forth with the helpless relay operator and insult his customer, thereby losing himself some much needed business. Shortly afterwards a second call is placed with IP Relay to a Locksmith posing as Chris who has locked himself out of his shop and requires urgent help to gain entrance to the property. The locksmith appears at the shop, goes to inspect the lock on the front door and is greeted by a furious Chris the Hacker who snatches the phone from him and threatens to sue IP Relay for allowing this to happen.





Both of these calls were made by L00NEYHAX, and recorded live over the Toy Chest.

Incidentally, somebody made one of these into a video over at

3 responses

  1. Props to WorldClassPrankster…that was an EPIC call…Chris is a pussy for hanging up on him

    October 7, 2011 at 12:27 pm

  2. That’s his shop? What a fuckin’ dump!

    August 14, 2011 at 3:15 am

  3. Russ Walters

    Epic calls.

    June 10, 2011 at 2:30 pm

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