UPDATE JULY 22 2014: since I’m not really doing prank calls anymore there isn’t going to be anything more “recent” posted than the chunk of calls from December 2013 BUT I do have two years worth of unedited calls from ’13 and ’12 (maybe from ’11 too) which I’ll upload a month at a time. Scroll up and down the page until you find the calls marked as NEW, that’ll be the best way to navigate.

DEC31 East Techs and Al the Chipmunk 26:25 min NEW 

DEC30 ET 1:02 min NEW

DEC26 Wesleys Merry Christmas 2:41 min NEW

DEC26 Al is toothless and on crack3 0:44 sec NEW

DEC26 Al is toothless and on crack2 0:57 sec NEW

DEC26 Al is toothless and on crack1 0:36 sec NEW

DEC23 voicemail for lisa and phil 1:22 min NEW

DEC22 phil part2 3:38 min (call request) NEW

DEC22 NY CUNT and co call Phil 35:28 min (call request) NEW 

DEC22 HifRED 0:58 sec NEW

DEC21 one of many voicemails to ET 0:59 sec NEW

DEC21 Fred calls Upland (right across the street!) 6:31 min NEW

DEC21 Fred the Retard 6:36 min NEW

DEC21 Als christmas Cheer 1:48 min NEW

DEC20 Fred searches for Earl Madman Rogers 16:05 min NEW

DEC18 life alert for Edwin (call request) 7:24 min NEW

DEC17 bothering Brian rapid-fire 10:28 min

DEC16 morning calls with mr pranktz 40:25 min NEW

DEC15 life alert for a kindly neighbor first calls 15:04 min 

DEC15 life alert for a kindly neighbor second call 12:50 min

DEC15 craigslist Life Alerts 10:28 min  

DEC15 Fred calls Mike the Snow Plow Guy 09:39 min

DEC12 Homer Scott MIA in NC 07:25 min  

DEC12 EASTTEXASCH harmonica solo 54:44 min  

DEC06 EAAAAAST TEXAS 34:35 min  

DEC02 ETs Beer Store Moron and Chris 09:44 min  

DEC02 Herbert Bailbonds calls Pomona 03:36 min  


NOV30 ridiculously long call to a very drunk East Texas 1:50:56 min

NOV28 Franks Neighbors Thanksgiving 07:13 min

NOV28 Fred 02:03 min  

NOV27 Homer Scott MIA 07:49 min

NOV27 East Texas and the Beer Store 06:39 min

NOV26 powell investigates an unemployed man 08:35 min

NOV26 calling EastTexas local Beer Store 13:05 min

“East Texan Hillbilly (8)” (by Pranktz & co) 54:49 min

NOV25 TEXaS call the bitch nextdoor 13:05 min

NOV24 eASt TEXas 03:28 min


NOV20 TTS Chat with East Texas 46:00 min

NOV17 Life Alert Family day1 25:42 min

NOV17 Life Alert Family day2 10:03 min

NOV14 Denzel iz Mad 02:17 min

NOV13 Ed Powell Cop Calls 91:00 min AKA Live Set in the Toy Chest

01:00 Al The Drunk
02:05 East Texas Hillbilly is Stoned
06:00 Dialling Random Numbers with East Texas
10:24 TTS chats to East Texas (40oz Bounce)
13:00 East Texas calls a Black Lady
15:00 Music Break: Chris the Hacker Music Boat Remix
19:15 call to Powells friend in the Cleveland PD feat. Ed Powell and Bailbondsman
22:50 calls to Gladewater PD feat. Ed Powell, Bailbondsman and Sergeant Fields
41:00 Denzel is tricked by Sergeant Fields
45:20 Music Break: Dat-Dat Boys
47:00 Aeropostale
50:00 Sergeant Fields and Katie “SHOULD I LEAVE THE STORE” intimidate a Law Firm
61:00 Sergeant Fields, Ed Powell and Katie team up to clusterfuck a Furniture Factory AKA Slenkars Special Factory (and get put on hold for ever)
78:15 (the Furniture Factory takes us off hold only to hang up suddenly and close the shop for the day)
ENDING CREDITS SONG: Someday Never Comes


OCT30 Brother Homer calls Franks Neighbors again yay 3:36 min

OCT29 EAST TEXAS 4:12 min

OCT25 EAST TEXAS (2) apology 1:08 min

OCT25 EAST TEXAS (1) PURE RAGE 21:01 min

OCT25 Chrises Indian Subaru (craigslist) 11:52 min

OCT23 two sleepy wiggers (call request) 6:34 min

OCT22 EAST TeXas BRIAN! BRIAN!! 34:41 min