UPDATE JULY 22 2014: HelLO Internet! If you’re reading this then HELLO Regular User, you’re one of less than 200 people who check this page daily! You’re Special! That’s 200 people down from many many thousands as of 2012 when this websty (read: pigsty) was still being maintained. How come the numbers fell so suddenly over the course of nearly 3 years of nothing being posted? It’s just a mystery. I bet Brad from Phonelosers doesn’t have this problem.

So there are now two music albums that I’ve compiled from the works of various talented Prank Callers over the years (some are on Youtube while some have been flagged down long ago) and both albums are fucking amazing. Hurry up and download them before your Internet expires. [click here to download Volume 1 & Volume 2 from mediafire]

DUNCAN CONSTRUCTION The Soundtrack Volume 1

DUNCAN CONSTRUCTION The Soundtrack Volume 2

UPDATE AUGUST 03 2014: Is your name Earl? Click Here.